Present Possibilities & Tea - How to market a service based business

There is was on one of those tables full of random gifts, you know what I’m talking about – mini putting greens, hot cocoa kits, coffee mugs, dog toys, brain twister puzzles, etc.

In the middle of all the randomness of present possibilities I spotted it – a set of tea bags.

But, this was no ordinary set of tea bags.

The package was bright and it was full of all kinds of positive messages.

I am a sucker for positive messages & vibes and I have a friend who loves tea – score.

But it got me thinking, if the tea had been packaged like the hot cocoa kits or coffee mug kits, I probably would have just skipped over it because it would have been just tea and just a small step above going to the grocery store to shop for a present. Not good.

I would not have been happy to give that gift.

But, the packaging of positive messages made it different.

And I bought it.

“But I sell services, not products…” you’re saying. “How in the world does this relate to me?”

I know – but you can take a page from this tea company’s marketing book.

How can you take your service offering(s) and combine or enhance them with unexpected add-ons that make them more appealing?

Sometimes it’s just renaming something.

Other times you add-on an additional service.

Often it means offering a complimentary product with a service to increase value and appeal.

At the end of the day the tea company could have used plain holiday art for their tea bags (and I would have skipped over it).

Instead, they simply changed the art on the packaging they were already producing and voila – a way more appealing product that related to more people than just tea drinkers!

What can you switch up to make your services more appealing?

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