Coaching - How to market a service based business

You need a marketing roadmap.

You’re like most business owners – you’ve got big dreams. It’s time to take things to the next level but your biggest challenges are knowing what steps to take when and how to find the time to get it all done. You need a roadmap with a GPS to tell you when to turn left, right and when to stay straight ahead. You know that if someone would just outline the right steps you could take them and your business would really take off.

If you’re tired of wondering if what you’re doing is the right thing, or what else you should be doing, it’s time to work with a marketing strategy coach so that you can quickly reach your goals.

What does your business like after hiring a strategic marketing coach?

  • Your website is delivering a stream of leads
  • Past clients and customers are buying again
  • Your sales are increasing more than they ever have
  • You’re spending less time marketing because you’ve automated many tasks
  • Your marketing is mapped out
  • You’ve received more referrals than ever before (and they’re easy to close)
  • The feast and famine is disappearing and you’re in control
  • Your team knows exactly what to do and how to do it – exactly the way you want it done
  • You’re not wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work
  • You’re marketing tasks are all documented so that employees or outside support teams can make it happen
  • You’re finally getting a real positive ROI on your expenditures and efforts


How do you work with a marketing coach?

Step One – We’ll conduct a complete Marketing Audit to dig deep into your goals, what you’ve been doing, what’s working, what’s not (and why), what to add, what to eliminate, what to tweak.

Step TwoOnline Visibility Assessment to ensure your site and all your listings are driving as many leads and sales as possible. If no one can find you, they can’t hire you. You will receive a video review of your site and listings so that you and your team can refer to it to tweak and adjust.

Step Three – You’ll build your Marketing Road Map – this will be your guide to help you stay focused and eliminate overwhelm. It will map out step one, two, three, etc. No guessing – just a confident path.

Step FourMonthly GPS Calls to ensure you’re moving in the right direction and to help you navigate any detours that may arise. Each 30-minute call is a private one-on-one call that is tailored to your exact needs. You’ll receive:

  • Individualized action steps
  • Forms to short-cut the work
  • Ninja resources that you never knew existed
  • Screen shares which will show you exactly what to do
  • Exact how-to guidance on where ever you’re stuck


Let me guide you to success on the fastest, most direct route possible.