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35 Social Media Post Ideas

35 Social Media Post Ideas

Sometimes it can be really hard coming up with something to post on your social media. You’ve logged-in to Facebook and it’s been several days since you last shared some witty humor or helpful post and your brain is blank.

If you find yourself needing some inspiration, you’re in luck.

Here are 35 Ideas for Your Social Media Posts:

1.     You Delivering Your Service

Make it real – even if you’re stuck in an elevator. Snap a pic and tell a quick story. Let people know you’re active and working!

2.     Product Photos

Snap a photo of products on your shelf, shipments being packed or your goods in your customer’s hands.

3.     Helpful Tips

Share a quick tip that would be helpful to your audience. This can be something related to your business or something else that’s helpful.

4.     Take Their Pulse

No, don’t hold their wrist – ask them a question to get activity on your page.

5.     Re-Post it!

Did a client mention your business? Did they share a photo of themselves using your product or service? Repost it to your social media.

6.     Share Your Desk

People always love to know what’s going on inside a business – take a snapshot of your desk and ask your audience to do the same. (Make sure you’re not disclosing anything private or proprietary.)

7.     Current News

Is there something happening in the world that connects with your target market – find an article and share it.

8.     Case Studies

People love to read case studies – write them up, with your client’s permission, or don’t disclose names/specific information.

9.     Inspirational Quotes/Images

It’s always good to put a smile on someone’s face.

10.  Interesting Articles

Find an article in a publication that your audience would appreciate? It’s okay to share other’s content, it doesn’t have to always be yours.

11.  Recent Blog Post

Let your followers know you’ve added a new blog post.

12.  Free Resource

New white paper, checklist or form? Share it on social media and watch your sign-ups increase.

13.  Employee Profile

People always love to get to know a bit more about whom they deal with one the phone or at that meeting.

14.  Client Profile

Highlight a client who’s doing great things – either with or without your product or service.

15.  Product or Service Profile

Every once in a while you can announce a new product, service or added feature.

16.  Your Charitable Involvement

Pack lunches for the local shelter? Attended an event? Snap a pic or two and share – be sure to tag the nonprofit to give them some added boost too!

17.  Contest

Hold a fun contest for naming something or sharing a post.

18.  Winner Announcement

Announce a winner from an in-store, online or trade show contest.

19.  Hold a Challenge

For example, home remodelers could to a 7-day energy saving challenge, getting people to check one main energy draining area in their home. What can you do?

20.  Event Day/Month

You hear all the time that it’s National X, Y or Z Day – plan ahead and find one that you can run a promotion around! Here’s a place you can research some ideas:

21.  Share Your Story

Were you recently featured in the paper, interviewed on a podcast, spoke at a conference? Let your followers know about it!

22.  Make a Recommendation

Spread some goodwill and recommend a fellow business.

23.  Answer Questions

Use the questions that people ask you all the time to share on social media – better yet, write a blog post and then share that!

24.  Go Live!

Turn on that camera and show a behind the scenes, answer questions or share some exciting news.

25.  Before & After

If what you do creates a visually finished product – start taking before and after photos. People love them.

26.  Book Reviews

Read a book pertinent to your target audience – share your thoughts.

27.  Take a Poll

Pose a question and let your followers vote.

28.  Name-It Contest

Have your followers name your newest product or service. They’ll, of course, have to win something, and then we’re back to #18.

29.  Family Photos

People love to see business owners’ families. Not all the time, but every once in a while.

30.  Lists

Tell people the Top 3 Things to Do or 7 Things to Avoid….

31.  Caption Contest

Post a funny or interesting photo and see what people would write as its caption.

32.  Weekly Round Up

Share the best blogs or articles you’ve read that week.

33.  New Hires

Let the world know you’re growing.

34.  Sneak Peak

Have a new product or service launch coming? Snap an obscure photo and add an intriguing copy to get people interested.

35.  Fill in the Blank

Try and slightly tie it to your business. For example, a wedding planner might ask: If I could go anywhere on my honeymoon, it would be ___________________.

Keep a good mix of fun, helpful, and informative along with few sales-oriented posts going and your followers will eagerly look forward to seeing you in their feed.