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Present Possibilities & Tea

Present Possibilities & Tea

There is was on one of those tables full of random gifts, you know what I’m talking about – mini putting greens, hot cocoa kits, coffee mugs, dog toys, brain twister puzzles, etc.

In the middle of all the randomness of present possibilities I spotted it – a set of tea bags.

But, this was no ordinary set of tea bags.

The package was bright and it was full of all kinds of positive messages.

I am a sucker for positive messages & vibes and I have a friend who loves tea – score.

But it got me thinking, if the tea had been packaged like the hot cocoa kits or coffee mug kits, I probably would have just skipped over it because it would have been just tea and just a small step above going to the grocery store to shop for a present. Not good.

I would not have been happy to give that gift.

But, the packaging of positive messages made it different.

And I bought it.

“But I sell services, not products…” you’re saying. “How in the world does this relate to me?”

I know – but you can take a page from this tea company’s marketing book.

How can you take your service offering(s) and combine or enhance them with unexpected add-ons that make them more appealing?

Sometimes it’s just renaming something.

Other times you add-on an additional service.

Often it means offering a complimentary product with a service to increase value and appeal.

At the end of the day the tea company could have used plain holiday art for their tea bags (and I would have skipped over it).

Instead, they simply changed the art on the packaging they were already producing and voila – a way more appealing product that related to more people than just tea drinkers!

What can you switch up to make your services more appealing?

3 Steps for Consistent Sales

3 Steps for Consistent Sales

Are you ready to create a steady stream of customers, clients and patients?

Steady sales are what make a business strong and viable. Regular and predictable sales will afford a business owner more time off, greater life balance and more financial marketing training

But, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re on the feast or famine roller coaster. Sales pick up and then just as suddenly as they rose… they unexpectedly slow or stall completely. What gives?

The slowing, or feast and famine, is generally a result of fits and starts to the focus you’re giving to your marketing. Let’s face it, running your business is a full-time job. You’re busy greeting customers, seeing patients, going to meetings, attending networking events, writing proposals and delivering your product or service. It’s hard to stay focused on your marketing.

It’s critical to make sure your marketing happens, like clockwork, according to schedule. There are daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly marketing tasks that need to happen in order to move the needle on your bottom line. But, dedicating consistent time to marketing to generate those steady and predictable sales is hard.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to create a simple, yet effective marketing system that will generate a steady stream of business.

3 Key Steps for Consistent Sales:

  1. Assess where you are now. What’s working, what’s not. Are you covering the 5 Must-Have Marketing Strategies?
  2. Pick YOUR best strategies. Copying what your competitor is doing will not necessarily translate into success for your business. You need to dig deep into your unique situation and pick the strategies and mediums that will work for you.
  3. Automate and delegate as much as you can. There are many small tasks that must be completed every day, week or month. The problem is most business owners get too busy with other things to actually make them happen consistently. When you delegate them out as part of someone’s main job duties – they’ll get done! Most of these tasks can be given to an employee or outsourced and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

The more marketing systems you have in place, the more effective and consistent your sales. If you’re wondering how to create your marketing systems, watch this free marketing workshop where I teach you how to create an easy to follow road map of strategy, tactics, tools complete with checklists, forms, and procedures. Plus, I’ll give you my 90-day Marketing Road Map Template.

Watch the free marketing training and tell me your insights. I know this marketing training will give you a jump start to making this your best year yet!

Now, if you’re ready to GENERATE steady and consistent sales in your business, watch this free marketing training where I show you how to build your marketing system to generate all the business you can handle. Plus, I’ll give you my 90-Day Marketing Road Map Template to make it easy. You’ll know what to do each day to generate steady sales.